Thursday, October 25, 2012

Eating Local

Since I did a Shopping Local blog, it would be unfair to not do a blog about Eating Local.  Alaskans are passionate about food.  Most wear it on the outside *sorry*, but there are a lot of places to rave about locally.  Since I have a partner in crime, we try as many new places as possible.  Some places I don't get excited about like others do.  95% of the time, I've been there.  So here's a shout to my fav's:

Sorrento's - This is the best Anchorage has to offer for Italian.  Most people say Romano's just down the street, but I completely disagree.  I love their Spaghetti Puttanesca, and they make great pizza's.  I've never had a disappointing meal there!
Fireweed, West of Northern Lights - Anchorage, AK

Yamato Ya - Since one of my favorite places on Huffman closed, I will say that Yamato Ya is one of the best for sushi.  I love the Y-2 roll.  They do great bento boxes too for lunch. 36th & Old Seward Highway - Anchorage, AK

Simon & Seaforts - TWO WORDS - Halibut Cheeks.  As a former fatty, I try not to let food take me to this heavenly place...but I fail when the cheeks touch my tongue.  It may be the best meal to eat in all of Anchorage.  Bonus that it overlooks the Cook Inlet, and has a great bar.  L St & 4th Ave - Anchorage, AK

Fletcher's (in the Captain Cook Hotel) - Most people go to Captain Cook for the Crow's Nest (which is absolutely lovely, great food, and overlooks the entire city), but my favorite is Fletcher's.  It boasts an awesome bar and I find it rather cozy.  My favorite is the Halibut Picatta, and they make solid burgers too.  5th Ave & K St.  - Anchorage, AK

Bombay Deluxe - I used to detest Indian food (blame it on a lot of poor choices made on a trip to England), but I was introduced to this place last month, and the food is amazing!  A great place for Vegetarians too.  Portions are huge, but it was nice since I had about 2 meals to take away.  They know how to make lamb very well, which is hard to find in any state.  Northern Lights & Dawson - Anchorage, AK

Snow City Cafe - Although it is usually full of tourists, this has to be one of the best places to eat breakfast or lunch.  They also serve amazing lattes.  My favorite item to order is the Nuevo Huevos.  Staff is always friendly, but be prepared to wait (although they are now taking call-ahead reservations).  They also own Spenard Roadhouse (love their Sunday night TV Dinners) and Sacks Cafe (not a fan at all, sorry).  4th Ave & L St - Anchorage, AK

Pancho's Villa - I am from Arizona, therefore exposed to a lot of Mexican food.  Surprisingly, Alaska is not lacking in Mexican food.  There will always be a huge amount of opinions (more so than Italian up at the top) on authentic Mexican.  Panchos reminds me of home.  I was told places like Mexico in Alaska were more authentic...and while that may be, they completely lack in flavor.  At Panchos you can never fail with chicken poblano, flautas, enchiladas, you name it.  Plus it has some of the best seating, very cozy small booth's.  So this is my final call on Mexican food (and yes, I've tried it all, locally). Spenard & 31st Ave.

Out of town:
Seven Glaciers - Girdwood, AK - the nicest restaurant I've been to in AK.  It actually sits between 7 different glaciers.  The Hotel Alyeska owns it (gorgeous) and you have to take the tram up to the top of the mountain to get there.

Turnagain Arm-Pit - Indian, AK - the best BBQ I've had in AK.  Ask to buy the BBQ sauce, the jar alone is worth the price (although what's inside is amazing).  Brisket and Fried Pickles?  Yes please.

Double Musky - Girdwood, AK - This has been featured on television more than a few times, and ranks as some of the finest Cajun food in the country.  It truely lives up to its hype.  The Pepper Crusted Steak is its signature dish, and I personally, would not order anything else...because its that good.

Gwin's Roadhouse - Cooper Landing, AK - If you are road tripping South, this is THE place to stop.  The staff is the friendliest.  Smoked Salmon Chowder Soup is a must.

Although I've been North and South of Anchorage, these are just a few of the places you should check out when visiting Alaska.  Thanks for reading!

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